Early Days of Greenbush


Wm. Patterson Killed

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On the tenth day of January, 1862, William Patterson and Elza Magers went to the steam saw-mill of William G. Bond, which was then located near the residence of Major John C. Bond. Patterson and Magers had a log there for sled crooks. When they arrived at the mill, they concluded the log was too long. So Magers went up to the residence of John C. Bond to get a cross-cut saw to use in sawing off one end. It was noontime and all the hands had gone to dinner, except Leander Bond, who was then engineer; he was at the engine which was attached to the boiler, and William Patterson was standing in front of the furnace warming himself.

A loud report was heard by those who were near the mill; and upon going there, it was found that the boiler had burst and William Patterson was found dead. The explosion had thrown him about 60 feet from the boiler. He was badly burned and mangled.

Patterson was a son of John Patterson who was deaf and dumb, and was a brother of Thomas and John Patterson. He left a wife and three children. His wife’s maiden name was Sarah Magers. She was a sister of Elza Magers. Wm. Patterson was buried in the McMahill graveyard in Greenbush township.

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