Early Days of Greenbush - Introduction


Early Days in Greenbush


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Some four years ago it occurred to my mind that a history of the early days in Greenbush township would be of interest to many. So little by little I have from time to time gathered information for this work.

It has been no small task, as nearly all the men and women who helped to make the early history have passed away, and many of their children have moved away and are scattered about in distant localities.

These early settlers braved the dangers of frontier life, endured hardships, toil, deprivations and the loneliness of the country at that time. Many of them lived in simple log cabins affording poor shelter from the storms of winter. But they planted civilization here, which has made possible the comfortable and luxurious homes of today.

It has been my constant aim to present facts in this work. But it is nearly impossible to write a work of this kind that is entirely free from errors. I am satisfied that the competent critic will find errors. I am also satisfied that the incompetent will affect to find many more, from whom I expect no mercy.To the many who have so kindly assisted me in this work, I here return my sincere thanks. A list of their names would be too long for publication here.WM. L. SNAPP.

The flowers that I sought in the wildwood
Have since dropped their withering leaves;
And many dear friends of my childhood
Have slumbered for years in the graves.

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