John Alexander Ferdinand


John Alexander Ferdinand Coll

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John A. F. Coll was born in Germany, October 28, 1820. He emigrated to America in the spring of 1844, but returned to Germany in the fall of the same year, where he was married to Emma Maria Bruckner, May 8, 1846. Mr. Coll and wife came to America in 1847, landing at New York, where they resided about one year. From New York they moved to Chicago, from there to Jacksonville, Illinois. In 1852, they came to Greenbush, Warren county, Illinois, and bought a farm of John P. Wood on section 19, where they resided up to the time of their death. One child was born to this union, which died in infancy. Mr. Coll died December 15, 1875. His wife died May 24, 1880. In politics he was a republican.

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