Early Days of Greenbush


John Simmons

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John Simmons was born near Bowling Green, Kentucky, May 24, 1814. He was a son of George and Frances (Herrington) Simmons. He came with his parents to Morgan county, Illinois, in 1833. About two years later he came to Greenbush, in Warren county. He was married October 25, 1838, to Miss Ruth Jared. She was born April 16, 1817; and died March 23, 1902.

To John Simmons and wife the following-named children were born:

  • Eliza, born July 27, 1839; married James Pittman, December 25, 1855.
  • Andrew, born July 26, 1841; married Susan Bond. His second marriage was to Belle Traverse. He died September 11, 1900.
  • Louisa, born June 6, 1843; married Thomas Carr. She died November 22, 1899. Thomas Carr was born August 22, 1837, and died August 18, 1904.
  • Caroline, born August 24, 1846; married John F. Young. She died April 8, 1876.
  • Mary A., born July 30, 1848; married Francis M. Jennings, in September, 1865.
  • Catherine, born August 23, 1850; married W. H. Carr, December 24, 1868. He was born February 25, 1845. They reside at Roseville, Illinois.
  • John F., born July 21, 1853; married Sarah Simmons. His second marriage was to Alice Peterson.
  • Harriet, born February 6, 1855; married Riley Simmons. He was a son of James H. and Lucinda (Moulton) Simmons. They reside at Balco, Missouri.
  • William Riley, born May 9, 1857; married Mary Jane Day.
  • James Ed., born April 20, 1864; married Lucy Claycomb.
  • John Simmons was a hardy pioneer. Settling here in an early day, he found plenty of wild game. His greatest enjoyment was in a deer chase. He generally kept a pack of trained hounds, and with his old long rifle he rarely returned home from a hunt without one or two deer. During the spring and summer he engaged in farming; during the fall and winter he ran a horsepower threshing machine and probably did more threshing than any other man in the earlier days. In politics he was a democrat. During his last days he became a believer in the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ and died in the faith, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. F. M. Jennings, June 28, 1904.

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