Early Days of Greenbush: Andrew Sailer



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Andrew Sailer was born in Weisenberg, Germany, November 30, 1833. He was a son of Thomas and Johannes (Heimesser) Sailer. He left Germany in 1854, and after a voyage of forty-nine days reached New York; from there he went to Michigan, where he remained about one year and a half, working on a farm at six dollars a month. He then went to St. Augustine, Illinois, and worked on a farm near by for James Martin. In 1856, he came to Greenbush township, and went to work for William Jared, near Prairie City. He afterwards worked eleven months for Israel Spurgeon. Andrew Sailer was married to Pauline Damitz, January 9, 1859. She was born in Prussia, Germany, April 14, 1837; and died at her home in Greenbush township. June 22, 1895.

To them the following-named children were born:

  • Hannah, born January 3, 1860; married William T. Smith, in 1878. She died August 23, 1903.
  • Matilda, born January 27, 1862; married Charles Gayman, June 8, 1883.
  • Frank, born August 6, 1864; married Belle Warren, February 12, 1888.
  • Bertha, born September 14, 1866: married Lemuel Hiram Carroll, February 5, 1888. He was born March 25, 1865.
  • Fredric, born March 20, 1868; married Ida Carroll, February 5, 1891. She was born August 9, 1869.
  • Andrew SailerŐs second marriage was to Mary Condon. She was a daughter of William and Ann (Moore) Condon, who emigrated from County Kildare, Ireland, in 1846. In politics Mr. Sailer votes with time democrats. In religion he and his wife are members of the Catholic church.
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