Early Days of Greenbush: Sarah snapp



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Sarah Snapp was born in Virginia, March 20, 1784. Her maiden name was Sarah McIntyre. She came with her parents to Kentucky, in 1789; and was married to George Snapp in Nicholas county, Kentucky, in 1802. He was born February 18, 1780, and died December 20, 1823. He was a son of George Snapp, who was killed by the Indians in Kentucky in an early day.

To George Snapp and his wife Sarah were born the following-named children:

  • John, born in 1811; died in Kentucky, in 1823.
  • Maria, born in 1804; married William Booth. Her second marriage was to Joseph Wallace. She died in California, July 18, 1886.
  • Mary, born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, February 22, 1806; married William McMahill, in 1827. She died August 31, 1877. He died June 6, 1881.
  • Elizabeth, born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, February 2, 1808; married John Crawford. Her second marriage was to Moses T. Hand, December 23, 1835. She died August 19, 1898. Moses T. Hand died February 18, 1888.
  • Franklin Greene was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, October 18, 1812. He came to Illinois in 1833; settled in Greenbush township in 1834. He was united in marriage to Miss Adeline Morse. She was born May 6, 1816. To this union the following-named children were born:
  • Maria Jane, born October 9, 1833 married John A. Butler, November 22, 1849.
  • Samuel M., born May 22, 1835; married Saphronia Hanon. He died October 11, 1891.
  • George L., born June 4, 1838; married Emiline Griffith.
  • Albert N., born May 18, 1840; married Mrs. Matilda Nelson.
  • Caroline, born June 1, 1843; married Dr. William Randall. She died May 20, 1875. He died October 23, 1888.
  • John R., born April 14, 1846; married Clara Foster. After receiving a divorce from her, he was married to Alma Yast, in April, 1879.
  • Mary C., born December 23, 1848; died December 10, 1850.
  • Ada Ann, born October 20, 1851; died November 11, 1858.
  • Amanda E., born May 12, 1854; resides at Buffalo, New York, where she is engaged teaching music.
  • Emma P., born February- 16, 1857; married Alphonso Waiste. They reside in Canada.
  • F. G. Snapp was engaged in an early day in Greenfield, in the mercantile business; and in later years he again engaged in the same line of business, making in all three or four times that he kept store in the village. He was a farmer and resided on the southwest quarter of section five for many years. He spent a great portion of his life in raising, buying, and selling livestock. In this line he was a man of excellent judgment. He was a trader in many lines of business, and would buy and sell anything from a cook stove to a gristmill. He was also an auctioneer and did considerable business in this line in the early days. In 1870, he purchased thoroughbred Durham cattle in Kentucky and brought them to Greenbush, which proved a great benefit to the country by improving the breed of cattle then here. He also shipped in several hundred bushels of bluegrass seed from Kentucky the same year. This grass seed being sown on timber lands, grew rapidly and soon spread over adjoining lands. At this time John W. Barlow was engaged in shipping Durham cattle and bluegrass seed from Kentucky. F. G. Snapp left his farm in Greenbush township and moved to Galesburg, where he spent his last years. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal church, having joined that denomination in early life and- retained their membership up to the time of their death. In polities he was a republican.He died April 10, 1895. his wife died September 22, 1898. Their remains rest in the cemetery at Abingdon, Illinois.

    Ezekiel M., born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, in 1816; married Lucinda Willard, October 19, 1839. He died October 1, 1842. She died January 21, 1899. To this union one son was born- William L., born February 12, 1842. He was married December 19, 1861, to Mary E. May. She was born April 19, 1843; and died November 21, 1900. She was a daughter of William and Susan (Harrison) May. To William L. Snapp and wife the following-named children were born:

  • Alice Maud, born November 16, 1862; married Andrew B. Camp, January 18, 1883.
  • Thomas, born February 23, 1864; married Mary J. Hendricks, January 5, 1889.
  • Mary, born July 4, 1867; died March 21, 1869.
  • William L., born August 2, 1871; married Minnie West, November 7, 1899.
  • Carrie m., born August 19, 1874.
  • Delos V., born August 17, 1876; married Emma Pauline Fowler, February 18, 1903.
  • Russell. born March 9, 1878; married Maud D. Stokes, July 17, 1899.
  • Ezekiel M., born January 28, 1880.
  • Sumner, born November 25, 1881.
  • William L. Snapp has held the offices in the township of town clerk, tax collector, justice of the peace, notary public, and school treasurer, and is the author of this work. In religion he is a Methodist. In politics he is a democrat.
  • Robert M., son of George and Sarah Snapp, was born in Nicholas county. Kentucky, February 5, 1818. He was married three times. His first marriage was to Margaret A. Morse, in December, 1843. One child was born to them-Mary J. She died in infancy. Margaret, wife of R. M. Snapp, died in 1844. His second marriage was to Adaliza Morris, March 26, 1849. Shedied December 23, 1856. To this union the following-named children were born:

  • George H., born May 9, 1850; died October 13, 1872.
  • Alberteen, born December 24, 1852; died January 8, 1873.
  • Eugene, born December 24, 1852; died February 19, 1866.
  • William, born October 15, 1854; died July 27, 1856.
  • Austin, horn June 4, 1856; died September 26, 1872.
  • His third marriage was to Mrs. Clarrissa Simmons, October 28 1858. She was the widow of James D. Simmons and daughter of Joab and Rebecca Morris. She died December 24, 1882. To this union the following-named children were born:

  • Julius M., born October 29, 1859; died September 22, 1860.
  • Arthur L., born February 27, 1861; now lives in DeKalb county, Missouri.
  • Sarah F., born May 26, 1862; married David Tunks, February 2, 1883. He died in January, 1892. She was again married in 1895, to C. Brand, and now lives near Cameron, Missouri.
  • Laura, born February 4, 1865; married Augustus Pence, March 15, 1885; now lives near King City, Missouri.
  • Emma H., born March 5, 1867; married Hugh Stanton, April 7, 1895; now lives in Union Star, Missouri.
  • Giles, born June 1, 1869; lives in DeKalb county, Missouri.
  • Eva A., born September 28, 1872; married A. B. Durbin, January 13, 1892. They live in Gentry county, Missouri.
  • Clara E., born December 20, 1874; married F. H. Everett. February 26, 1903; now living in St. Joe, Missouri.
  • Robert M. Snapp was bugler in Captain Wyatt Stapp‘s company in the Mexican war. This company was mustered in at Quincy, Illinois, August 16, 1847, and returned July 29, 1848. Mr. Snapp was a farmer by occupation. He was justice of the peace in Greenbush towvnship for many years. He was possessed of a wonderful memory, and could give more dates of circumstances and events than any other man in the country. In polities, he was a democrat. He moved to Missouri in the spring of 1872, and died there June 21, 1899.

    William, son of George and Sarah Snapp, was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, June 12, 1820. He was married to Elizabeth Hedges, June 21, 1845. To them were born the followng-named children:

  • Nathan B., born March 13, 1847; married Nannie Evans. March 1, 1874. They now live in Utah.
  • Catherine, born March 27, 1848; married J. P. Reed, December 23, 1866. She died March 7, 1877.
  • Ezekiel M., horn October 1, 1849; lives in northern California.
  • James A., born March 28, 1851; married Phebe Tunks, September 13, 1874. She died December 24, 1876. His second marriage was to Rebecca J. Brown, November 7, 1883. They now reside on a farm near King City, Missouri.
  • John W., born October 1, 1852; now hives in Clark county, Kansas.
  • Sarah A., born May 25, 1854; married Jacob W. Fry, March 17, 1875. They reside in southern California.
  • George, born February 21, 1856; married Mary Fry, November 3, 1876. They live in DeKalb county, Missouri.
  • Mary, born September 1, 1857; married Jerry Renniger, in March, 1878. They reside in DeKalb county, Missouri
  • William W., born July 18, 1859; married Verdie Myricks, in March, 1892. They reside in DeKalb county, Missouri.
  • Evaline, born February 28, 1862; died in 1864.
  • Eliza J., born September 29, 1864; married Joseph A. Fry, in 1888. They reside in Buchanan county, Missouri.
  • Elizabeth A., born June 9, 1871; married Jacob Harshbarger, in 1901. They reside in Clark county, Kansas.
  • William Snapp was a farmer by occupation. In his younger days he was engaged in burning brick, and was for a time engaged in the mercantile business. He also ran a steam sawmill company with his nephew, William L. Snapp, for several years in Greenbush. He was commissioner of highways and held other offices of trust in the township. In polities, he was a democrat. He moved to DeKalb county, Missouri, in June, 1868, where he died in August, 1883. His wife, who was five years younger than he, died in January, 1890.

    George, son of George and Sarah Snapp, was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, September 12, 1823. He married Ann Rebecca Hicks, in 1853. She died February 12, 1875. To this union the following-named children were born:

  • Oscar, born May 28, 1854; died December 28, 1863.
  • William, born December 25, 1856; died March 10, 1864.
  • Adeline, born May 12, 1858; died December 25, 1863.
  • Elizabeth, born March 8, 1860.
  • Robert M., born November 19, 1861; married Josie South, February 17, 1886. She was born June 24, 1864, and died November 12, 1897.
  • Charles F., horn October 15, 1863; married Mary Starr.
  • Lucy, born April 26, 1865; married Elijah H. South.
  • Anna, born January 9, 1869; married Charles C. McClurg, December 29, 1888.
  • Ada, born October 14, 1871; married William C. Gordon, November 21, 1894.
  • Catherine, born February 6, 1873.
  • George Snapp has been by occupation a farmer and stockman, and was at one time engaged in the mercantile business in Greenbush, He went to California, in 1850, in a company of twenty-seven men, driving ox teams. James C. Stice was captain of this company. His mess was composed of Robert M. Snapp, R. K. Belt, James C. Stice and himself. He returned to Greenbush township, in 1852, where he has since resided, except a short time he was in DeKaib county, Missouri. His second marriage was to Ann Davis, April 10, 1876. She was born in Jefferson county, Indiana, September 29, 1839.

    Sarah (McIntyre) Snapp, the subject of this sketch. was a woman of strong constitution, used to hardships from childhood. She early learned industrious habits, which she retained through life. In religion, she was a Methodist. She died November 26, 1859.

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