Registered Voters, 1877 – N Surnames

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Naselund Jonas Monmouth City tailor dem Luth from Sweden
Nash Hugh Monmouth City Farmer and Stock Raiser; Monmouth; born in Green Co., O., June 5, 1824; came to this Co. in Fall of 1832; Rep; U.P.; 207 acres, value $12,500; his father, William Nash, was among the early settlers of Hale tp., and died in Oct., 1867; Mr. Nash married Mary J. McKinney, June 18, 1845; five children; married the second time, Elizabeth Henderson, May 5, 1859; four chilfren. rep U.P. born in Green Co., O
Naylor Jacob Monmouth City laborer rep from Penn
Neely George Monmouth City carpenter dem from Penn
Nelson N. J. Monmouth City shoemaker rep from Sweden
Nelson Carl Monmouth City carpenter rep Luth from Denmark
Nelson Andrew Monmouth City carpenter rep Luth from Sweden
Nelson Louis Monmouth City Laborer rep from Sweden
Nelson Mrs. H. Monmouth City widow Luth from Sweden
Nelson Edgar Monmouth City mason rep Luth from Sweden
Nerftrun P. Monmouth City laborer from Sweden
Nesbit Mrs. J. Monmouth City widow U.P. from South Carolina
Nesbit James Monmouth City painter rep U.P.
Ness George W. Monmouth City employed in Weir PlowWorks rep Chris from Indiana
Nichols Jackson Monmouth City laborer rep Bap from Missouri
Nichols J. W. Monmouth City clerk in commercial house rep from New Jersey
Nichols Mrs. Rachel Monmouth City widow Meth from Ohio
Niebuhr Henry Monmouth City tailor dem from Germany
Niess James Monmouth City carpenter rep Meth from Pennsylvania
Nolan Daniel Monmouth City laborer dem Cath from Ireland
Norcross J.G. Monmouth City provision dealer dem from Pennsylvania
Norcross Wm. Monmouth City provision store Chris from Pennsylvania
Norcross Wm. C Monmouth City Attorney; Monmouth; born in Erie Co., Penn., Aug. 22, 1842; Dem; Presb; he came to this Co. in 1844; has practiced law for ten years; has held offices of School Director and city Alderman; married Miss Isabel B. Henry, Sept. 3, 1868; she was born in Washington Co., Penn.; has one child. dem Presb from Pennsylvania
Norcross Wm. F. Monmouth City Retired Farmer; Monmouth; born in Erie Co., Penn., Feb. 14, 1812; dem; Presb; owns 60 acres; he came to this State and Co. in 1843; has held offices of Assessor and School Director; married Maria L. Dickson in 1840; she died in 1857; married Maria S. Judson in 1863; has five children, four sons and one daughter. dem Presb from Pennsylvania
Norman H. Monmouth City laborer rep from England
Norman Mrs. Rebecca Monmouth City from England
Norse Wm. Monmouth City brick mason rep from N.Y.
Norton Mrs. E. B. Monmouth City widow
Norton Mrs. Almira C. Monmouth City Widow; Monmouth; born in Cornwall Conn., Dec. 13, 1809; came to this Co. in 1863; Bapt; owns house and five acres, value $4,000; Mrs Norton’s maiden name was Almira C. Tupper; she married Elisha B. Norton, March 16, 1829; he was born in Hartland, Conn., Feb. 7, 1807, and died Oct. 13, 1876; her son, H. B. Norton, enlisted in 83rd I.V.I., in Aug., 1863, as private, and was promoted through all grades, to Captain in 1864; he died Jan. 4, 1871; has three daughters living; Aurelia R., married C. P. Norton; Fannie P. married Dr. Wm. R. Hamilton, and Melicent H. married Rev. Ralph E. Wilkin. Born Cornwall Conn.
Nott L. C. Monmouth City painter rep from New York
Nottleman Hans Monmouth City cigar manufacturer dem from Germany
Numbers L. F. Monmouth City laborer rep from Ohio
Nusbaum Moses Monmouth City Merchant; Monmouth; born in Bavaria, 1834; he came to this country in 1845, and to this Co. in 1861; married Miss Mary Stein in 1861; she was born in Pottsville, Pa; hasthree children, one son and two daughters born in Bavaria
Nutt Frank Monmouth City farmer dem from Indiana
Nutt L. B. Monmouth City teamster dem from Indiana
Nutt S. J. Monmouth City wagon manufacturer rep from Indiana
Nye Elisha Monmouth City furniture dem Lib from Mass
Nye Chas E. Monmouth City laborer dem from Illinois
Nye Charley Monmouth City laborer rep from Mass

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