Registered Voters, 1877 – OPQ Surnames

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Oberg Louis Monmouth City tailor rep from Sweden
O’Farrell Reb.T. Monmouth City parish priest from Ireland
Oliver O. F. Monmouth City mechanic rep from New York
Olsen Matt Monmouth City laborer from Sweden
Olsen A. Monmouth City clerk Luth born Illinois
Ovenstein Jacob Monmouth City employee Weir Plow Works dem from Germany
Owens Ed Monmouth City laborer dem Cath from Ireland


Page Tim Monmouth City employee Weir Plow Co. rep _ from New York
Paine Hendrick E. Monmouth City retired rep _ from Ohio
Palmer C.P. Monmouth City carpenter rep Meth born in Illinois
Palmer Isaac Monmouth City farmer _ _ from Pennsylvania
Palmer M.S. Monmouth City engineer _ _ born in Knox Co.
Palmer Wm. Monmouth City proprietor Commercial House; Monmouth; born in Conn., March 1, 1808; came to this State 1858, and to this Co., 1873; married Julien Soper, 1835; she was born in Conn.; has three children; lost one _ _ born in Conn.
Parker Burr Monmouth City retired rep _ from Maryland
Parker Burr, Jr. Monmouth City teacher rep _ born in Illinois
Parker Mrs. Susan A. Monmouth City widow _ Presb from Kentucky
Parkinson Edward Monmouth City Teacher; Monmouth; born in Ohio, Dec., 1844; came to this Co. in 1854; Rep; U.P.; has been engaged in teaching seven years, four years as teacher of the South Ward school, this city; he married Miss Mary B. Miller in June, 1874; she was born in Missouri, in 1855 rep U.P. born in Ohio
Parret David Monmouth City baggage-master, C.B. & Q.R.R. dem U.B. from Virginia
Parrine Thos. Monmouth City laborer rep _ from Ohio
Parry D.S. Monmouth City horse buyer rep U.P. from Ohio
Parry Walter Monmouth City retired rep U.P. from Wales
Parry D.D. Monmouth City Pres. Tile Manufactory rep U.P. from Ohio
Parsons Mrs. Hannah Monmouth City widow _ _ from England
Pattee H.H. Monmouth City agricultural implements dem _ from New Hampshire
Pattee J.H. Monmouth City agricultural implements dem _ from New Hampshire
Patten Jas. C. Monmouth City salesman; Monmouth; born in Ohio, Oct 29, 1844; he came to this state, 1847, and to this co., 1875; engaged in the clothing business; married Miss Belle Streater, 1873; she was born in Illinois; has one child, Minnie Belle. _ _ born in Ohio
Patterson Mrs. Elis. Monmouth City _ _ U.P. from Ohio
Patterson John Monmouth City farmer rep U.P. from Pennsylvania
Patterson David Monmouth City commission merchant dem _ from Pennsylvania
Patterson Azro Monmouth City retired dem Ind from Vermont
Patterson Mrs. Sarah A. Monmouth City widow _ U.P. from Ohio
Paul Frank Monmouth City laborer rep _ from florida
Paxton W.S. Monmouth City wagon maker rep U.P. from Virginia
Peacock M.I. Monmouth City _ rep U.P. from Ohio
Peacock Theo. G. Monmouth City attorney; Monmouth; born in Knox Co., O., 1846; Rep; U.P.; he came to this state in 1875; holds office of Justice of the Peace rep U.P. born in Knox Co., O
Pease Alfred Monmouth City barber rep _ from Penn.
Pebbles F.H. Monmouth City farmer rep _ from Mass.
Penix Geo. Monmouth City laundry rep U.P. from Ky.
Penland Geo. Monmouth City painter rep _ from Ohio
Pennington Alfred Monmouth City carpenter dem Meth from Kentucky
Perrin Wm. Monmouth City retired rep _ from England
Perrot Mrs. Anna Monmouth City _ _ Epis. from Ireland
Peters Geo. Monmouth City laborer rep U.B. born Ill.
Peterson Charley Monmouth City teamster rep Luth from Sweden
Peterson Jonas Monmouth City laborer rep Luth from Sweden
Peterson John Monmouth City laborer _ _ from Sweden
Peterson S.D. Monmouth City railroad employee _ Luth from Sweden
Pettenger Andrew Monmouth City retired rep Meth from Pennsylvania
Pettitt W.S. Monmouth City jeweller rep _ from New York
Phelps S.S. Monmouth City Livery, Feed and Boarding Stable; Monmouth; born in Henderson Co., June 10, 1849; Rep; Lib has been engaged previously to present business in dealing in stock; married Mary Cowan in 1869; she was born in Henderson Co.; has one child. rep Lib born in Henderson Co., Il
Phelps Delos P. Monmouth City attorney dem _ born Ill.
Phillips M. Monmouth City whitewasher rep Bapt. from South Carolina
Pierce A.G. Monmouth City postal clerk, C.B. & Q.R.R. rep _ born Ill.
Pillsbury I.P. Monmouth City agricultural implements dem _ from New York
Pinkerton Wm. Monmouth City hardware merchant rep U.P. from Ohio
Pleasanton Peter Monmouth City clerk _ _ from Germany
Plummer Mrs. Francis Monmouth City widow _ U.P. born in Illinois
Pollock Thos. G. Monmouth City laborer rep U.P. from Ohio
Porter Jno. A. Monmouth City teacher and principal of the North Ward School; Monmouth; born in Ohio, 1838; Rep; U.P.; he came to this State in 1840; was educated at Monmouth College; he entered the army as a private in the 36th I.V.I., in Aug., 1861; was wounded at Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864, and again at Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1864; was mustered out as First Lieutenant, Oct. 8, 1865; has been engaged in teaching 16 years; the past six years as principal of the city schools; married Miss Fannie E. McClure, April 30, 1868; she was born in Indiana; has two sons. rep U.P. born in Ohio
Porter J.H. Monmouth City clerk rep Bapt from Iowa
Porter J. Knox Monmouth City hardware rep Presb born in Illinois
Porter Mrs. S.E. Monmouth City widow _ U.P. from Penn.
Porter Wm. Monmouth City laborer rep U.P. from Irel’d
Porter John Monmouth City Attorney; Monmouth; born in Pennsylvania, April 27, 1824; Rep; Presb; owns 2600 acres, valued at $40 per acre; came to this Co. in 1851; has held office of County Judge two terms; was member of 26th General Assembly; married Mary E. Robb, in 1847; she was born in Pennsylvania; has seven children; lost one. rep Presb. born in Pennsylvania
Potter Jas. C. Monmouth City clothier rep _ from Ohio
Powers Mike Monmouth City railroad employee _ _ _
Pressly Wm. Monmouth City merchant _ Presb from South Carolina
Price Zachariah Monmouth City janitor schools rep Meth from Missouri
Price S.H. Monmouth City music dealer dem _ born Illinois


Quinby Mary E. Monmouth City from Ohio
Quinn P. C. Monmouth City employed by plow works rep U.P. from Ohio
Quinn James Monmouth City railroad employee dem Cath from Ireland
Quirk Michael Monmouth City works on railroad dem Cath from Ireland

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