Registered Voters, 1877 – R Surnames

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Radmacher Jacob Monmouth City brick maker dem Meth from Germany
Raines Harvey Monmouth City laborer rep Meth from Missouri
Ramsey Mrs. Martha Monmouth City widow U.P. from Ohio
Ramsey W. T. Monmouth City carpenter rep U.P. from O.
Randall Mrs. D. A. Monmouth City widow from New York
Randall E. A. Monmouth City baker rep born Illinois
Randall Mrs. Monmouth City widow Cath from Ireland
Rankin George C. Monmouth City local editor Monmouth Atlas; born in Warren County, Illinois, Aug. 29, 1850; Rep; holds office of City Clerk; Secretary of Warren Co. Agricultural Society; Secretary of Monmouth Driving Park Association. rep born in Warren Co., Il
Rankin N. A. Monmouth City Was born in Henderson, Ky., Feb. 1, 1809; married Martha Halloway, Dec. 25, 1834; had ten children, seven of whom are living; removed to Springfield, Ill., in 1834, and to Shelbyville, Ill., in 1843; came to Monmouth in Sept., 1845, and for fifteen years was one of the most prominent business men in the city and county; was a member of Monmouth’s first City Council, being elected an Alderman in 1852; was elected Mayor of Monmouth in 1859 and 1860; was Asst. U.S. Assessor of Internal Revenue in 1863, and for several years; was the first President of the Warren Co. Library and Reading Room; was President of the Warren Co. Agricultural Society in 1864, also in 1865; was elected a member of the Co. Board of Supervisors in 1869 and 1870; has served several years as School Director, Justice of the Peace, etc.; has been an Elder in the Christian Church for many years; politically is a Rep. rep born in Henderson Co., Ky
Rankin Wm. H. Monmouth City furniture dem Ky
Rathmaw Crist Monmouth City cigar maker ind from Germany
Raymond A. F. Monmouth City carpenter rep from Ohio
Raymond E. H. Monmouth City carpenter rep from Ohio
Redmon John Monmouth City laborer from Ireland
Reed Samuel Monmouth City carpenter rep from Penn.
Reed Geo. B. Monmouth City moulder dem from Ohio
Reed Robert Monmouth City laborer rep Prot. from Pennsylvania
Reed Mrs. L. M. Monmouth City widow Bapt from Mass.
Reed Omie Monmouth City carpenter rep Meth from Ohio
Regnier Felix Monmouth City harness maker dem from Ohio
Reid Edward Monmouth City carpenter rep Meth
Reid Prof. E. F. Monmouth City college professor rep U.P. from Ireland
Reid Geo. Monmouth City employed in agricultural shops
Reimer Jacob Monmouth City laborer rep from Denmark
Rice T. H. Monmouth City retired rep Presb from Ky
Rice Wm. A. Monmouth City clerk 1st. Nat. Bank rep Presb born Illinois
Richard J. T. Monmouth City merchant dem from Md
Richardson Mark S. Monmouth City blacksmith rep Bapt.
Rickel Mary Monmouth City Meth from Ohio
Rickstur G. L. Monmouth City employed by Plow Co rep from Pennsylvania
Riggs John P. Monmouth City laborer dem born Illinois
Ritchey John H. Monmouth City brick mason dem Presb from Pennsylvania
Roadhouse Colan Monmouth City engineer rep from Canada
Roadhouse L. Monmouth City machinist rep from Canada
Roadhouse Peyton Monmouth City insurance agt rep Meth born Illinois
Robertson W. A. Monmouth City salesman rep from New York
Robinson Hugh Monmouth City engineer Weir Plow Co. rep from Kentucky
Robinson John Monmouth City carpenter rep U.P. from Ohio
Robinson L. D. Monmouth City farmer rep from Virginia
Robinson Moses Monmouth City farmer dem from Kentucky
Robinson W. A. Monmouth City carpenter rep U.P. from Kentucky
Rock Alex M. Monmouth City blacksmith rep from Ohio
Rogers Geo. W. Monmouth City teacher rep born Illinois
Rogers John Monmouth City painter rep Presb from Virginia
Rogers Prof. T. H. Monmouth City college professor rep Presb from Indiana
Romig W.A. Monmouth City tinner rep Presb Pennsylvania
Root William Monmouth City artist; boards at Baldwin House rep born in Illinois
Rosenzweig F. Monmouth City butcher rep Luth from Germany
Ross Mrs. Robt. Monmouth City widow U.P. from Ohio
Ruebert Wm. Monmouth City tinker
Rugh J. C. Monmouth City engineer rep from Penn.
Rulon D. G. Monmouth City painter rep Meth from Ind.
Rulon H. M. Monmouth City engineer dem Meth from Indiana
Rulon J. F. Monmouth City painter rep Meth from Ind.
Rupp Wm. P. Monmouth City city clerk and weigh master rep Epis from Pennsylvania
Russel A. C. Monmouth City coal miner rep Presb. from Scotland
Russell R. L. Monmouth City clerk rep Presb. from Scotland
Russell David Monmouth City Superintendent at Monmouth Manufacturing and Mining Co.; Monmouth; born in Scotland, 1829; came to this country in 1849; and to this Co. in 1871; married Miss A. Watson in 1869; she was born in Scotland. from Scotland

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