Registered Voters, 1877 – T Surnames

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Taylor Rev. Harry Monmouth City pastor First Bapt. Church rep from Virginia
Taylor W. M. Monmouth City druggist rep born in Illionois
Taylor Wm. R. Monmouth City employed in Weir Plow Works dem born Illinois
Templeton D. C. Monmouth City travelling agent of Weir Plow Co. rep U.P. born Illinois
Templeton Jno. A. Monmouth City travelling agent of Weir Plow Co. rep U.P. from Pennsylvania
Tharp Joseph Monmouth City teacher rep Meth from O.
Thomas George Monmouth City farmer rep from New York
Thomas John Monmouth City teamster rep U.P. from Tennessee
Thomas Thaddeus Monmouth City laborer rep from Va.
Thompson John G. Monmouth City mason rep from Ohio
Thomson Mrs. W.J. Monmouth City widow U.P. from Ohio
Thompson Wm. C. Monmouth City farmer rep from Penn.
Thuson Martin Monmouth City Livery and Feed Stable; Monmouth; born in Denmark, Dec. 24, 1847; came to this Co. in 1869; rep; Luth; always well supplied with good teams; charges reasonable. rep Luth born in Denmark
Timonson T. Monmouth City laborer dem Cath from Sweden
Toal Edward Monmouth City laborer rep Cath from Ireland
Todd Dennis Monmouth City painter rep Bapt. from Iowa
Todd Miles Monmouth City cooper rep Bapt. from Ohio
Torman John W. Monmouth City switchman rep born in Illinois
Tourly John Monmouth City laborer dem Presb. from Germany
Torley John Monmouth City employee brick yard dem from Germany
Townley Mrs. Eliza B. Monmouth City U.P. from New Jersey
Tracy A. H. Monmouth City Teacher; Monmouth; born in Erie, Pa., June 18 1821; came to this co. in April, 1854; Rep; Presb; commenced teaching as a profession at the age of twenty-two years; after three years’ service, he was elected as Examiner and Superintendent in Erie Co., Pa., which office he held for five years; then came to this State and settled in Monmouth; began his work of teaching here in Public Schools, May 8, 1854; six years of successful labor followed; served one term as School Commissioner of thisCo.; married Miss Harriet E. Shirwin, March 11, 1852; have six children. rep Presb. born in Erie, Pa.
Tresham W. D. Monmouth City Tresham, W. D. – Dealer in Boots and Shoes; Monmouth; born in Virginia, April, 1845; came to this Co., in 1867; has been engaged in the boot and shoe trade ten years; married Anna M. Swinney in 1871; she was born in Warren Co.; has two children. – born in Virginia
Trulson Nels Monmouth City laborer rep Luth from Sweden
Tucker Mrs. E. J. Monmouth City National Hotel Presb. from Indiana
Tuckey Richard Monmouth City laborer dem Meth from England
Turnbull David Monmouth City Turnbull, David – deceased; Farmer; born in Green C., Ohio, Oct, 18, 1809; came to this Co. in 1833; Rep; U.P.; married Miss Nancy Mitchell, 1831, who was born in Pennsylvania; they had twelve children, of whom John M., Ann E., Sarah I., Mary A., William W., Daved A., Thomas B. and Nannie J. were spared to assume for themselves the duties of life; Mr. Turnbull was all his life an active citizen, a zealous worker, both in Church and State, and while he could not be called an office seeker, held almost continuouly some needful but unprofitable office, from 1835 until near his death, which occurred may 10, 1871; he served two terms as Sheriff of the Co.; was several years Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and acted as Assistant Provost Marshal most of the years of the late war; having lived in Warren Co. from the time he came West in 1833, he was known by most of the citzens of the Co., and died enjoying their respect as fully as a positive, independent citizen could do. rep U.P. born in Green Co, Ohio
Turnbull John Monmouth City merchant dem U.P. from Ohio
Turnbull John M. Monmouth City Turnbull, John M. – Postmaster; Monmouth; born in Ohio, July 23, 1833; Rep; U.P.; he came to this Co., Oct, 1833; enlisted in the 36th I.V.I., and was wounded and lost a leg before Altanta; has held office of Postmaster since 1865; married Anna P. Orr, of Washington Co.,Iowa, in Oct, 1854; has four children. – rep U.P. born in Ohio
Turner James M. Monmouth City farmer rep Chris from Massachusetts
Turtellotte L. O. Monmouth City Dep. Co. Clerk rep Univ from Massachusetts
Troutman Miss S. J. Monmouth City Wallace, James H. – Physician; born in Penn, Nov. 16, 1834; lived in Ohio twenty-two years; came to this State in 1876; is associated with Dr. Crawford in the practice of his profession; married Miss S. J. Troutman in 1862; she was born in Wayne Co., O.; has six children. + born Wayne co., O
Turner Henry B. Spring Grove Twp. farmer, with J. B. Turner; Sec. 16; P.O. Spring Grove; rep Ohio
Turner Jas. M. Spring Grove Twp. farmer with J. B. Turner; Sec 16; P.O. Spring Grove; rep Ohio
Turner J. B. Spring Grove Twp. farmer; Sec. 16; P.O. Alexis; 160 acres, value $8,000; rep U.P. S. C.

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