Registered Voters, 1877 – UVW Surnames

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Ure Rev. D.M. Monmouth City U.P. minister rep from Scotland


Van Hoorebeke L. M. Monmouth City horse dealer from France
Van Hoorebeke A .G. Monmouth City importer rep from Belgium
Vandiver A. Swan Creek Twp. farmer; Sec. 15; P.O. Youngstown; 300 acres Bapt Ind
Vandiver C. Roseville Twp. farmer, rents of Henry Staat; Sec. 26; P.O. Roseville; dem
Vandiver Wm. Swan Creek Twp. farmer for G. Sickman; Sec. 12; P.O. Greenbush dem
Vandiver L. P. Swan Creek Twp. farmer; lives with A. Vandiver; P.O. Youngstown dem Bapt Ill.
Vandiver Jno. Swan Creek Twp. farmer; P.O. Greenbush; 60 acres dem Bapt.
Vandiver Geo. Swan Creek Twp. farmer for R. Roberts; Sec. 2; P.O. Roseville rep – born in Illinois
Vandiver W. Roseville Twp. farmer, works for Jesse Riggs; Sec. 2; P.O. Berwick dem born Ill
Vanskyke Henry Monmouth City brick maker rep from Ohio
Vantill Charles Monmouth City painter rep from New Jersey
Vantine Charles Monmouth City painter rep from New Jersey
Vantyne Peter Monmouth City painter rep from N.J.
Varwick J. W. Monmouth City painter dem from Iowa
Vine James Monmouth City farmer rep Presb from New York
Volander Joseph Monmouth City teamster dem Germany


Wakefield Mrs. May Monmouth City widow Presb from Pennsylvania
Walker Miss Ellen Monmouth City U.P. from Ohio
Walker Thos. W. Monmouth City attorney dem born Ill
Walker Wm. Monmouth City physician dem Presb from Virginia
Walker Wm. Monmouth City attorney rep born Illinois
Walker Wm. J. & A. T. Monmouth City Attorney born in Spring Grove tp., Warren Co.; they give careful and prompt attention to business entrusted to their care. W.J. Walker is also a Justice of the Peace. born in Spring Grove, Warren Co., Ohio
Wallace E. E. Monmouth City hardware rep from Ill
Wallace Thos. R. Monmouth City student rep U.P. from Ohio
Wallace Mrs. Mary Monmouth City U.P. from Ohio
Wallace Jno. F. Monmouth City engineer rep U.P. from Massachusetts
Wallace John F. Monmouth City Books and Picture Frames; Monmouth; born in Massachusetts; came to this State in 1856; he married Miss Sadie E. Ulmer in 1871; she was born in Penn.; has two children. (wife) born in Massachusetts
Wallace J.C. Monmouth City restaurant rep from Ohio
Wallace James H. Monmouth City Physician; born in Penn, Nov. 16, 1834; lived in Ohio twenty-two years; came to this State in 1876; is associated with Dr. Crawford in the practice of his profession; married Miss S.J. Troutman in 1862; she was born in Wayne Co., O.; has six children. born in Penn.
Wallace David A., D.D. Monmouth City President of Monmouth College; born in Guernsey Co., O., June 16, 1826; came to this Co. In 1856; rep; U.P.; graduated at Miami University, Ohio, Aug. 13, 1846; licensed to preach in the A.R. (now U.P.), April, 1849; ordained in Fall River, Mass., in June, 1851; moved to boston in Feb., 1853, and to Monmouth, Sept., 1856, and became President of the College; was for a time Pastor, both of the First and Second U.P. Churches of Monmouth and of the Henderson Church; married Martha J. Findly, Aug 27, 1851, of New Concord, O.; five children. rep U.P. (wife) born in Guernsey Co., O
Wallace Geo. Monmouth City laborer rep  from Tenn.
Wallace David Monmouth City clerk rep  from Ohio
Wallace Daniel Monmouth City plasterer rep from Ky
Wallace G.G. Monmouth City student rep U.P. from Ohio
Wallber D.W. Monmouth City boot and shoemaker ind Luth from Switzerland
Walters David Monmouth City teamster dem  from Penn.
Ward Enos Monmouth City carpenter rep U.P. from Kentucky
Warren Mrs. L. A. Monmouth City Meth from New York
Watkins John Monmouth City Employee of the Monmouth Manufacturing and Mining Co.; born in Ohio, Sept., 1844; Rep; Lib; he came to this co. in 1872, and has been in the employ of this Company since that time rep Lib born in Ohio
Watt A. C. Monmouth City teacher rep Presb from Penn
Watt John Monmouth City photographer rep U.P. from Pennsylvania
Waugh O. K. Monmouth City Veterinary Surgeon; Monmouth born in New Youk, March 14, 1818; came to this state in 1836, and to this co. in 1866; has practiced his profession for 16 years; his wife was Miss A. D. Beckstead, and was born in Canada; has nine children. (wife) born in New York State
Webb V. C. Monmouth City plasterer rep from Ohio
Webb Wm. M. Monmouth City police constable rep Bapt. from Pennsyvania
Webster H. A. Monmouth City butcher rep from Penn.
Webster J. R. Monmouth City Physician; born in Penn., 1835; came to this co. in 1837; has been practicing the past 20 years; he married Miss S. Nye in 1859; she was born in Massachusetts; has two children.
Webster W. H. Monmouth City carpenter
Webster W. L. Monmouth City merchant rep Meth from Ohio
Wedlein Gus Monmouth City shoemaker rep Luth from Sweden
Weede N. R. Monmouth City physician rep U.P. from Pennsylvania
Weeks Thos. C. Monmouth City farmer rep U.P. from Ohio
Weir F. M. Monmouth City book-keeper rep U.P. born in Illinois
Weir Frances Monmouth City U.P. from Kentucky
Weir Jas. B. Monmouth City moulder rep from Ohio
Weir Paulina M. Monmouth City  U.P. from Ohio
Weir W. S. Monmouth City Weir Plow Co.; rep U.P. from Ohio
Welch P. Monmouth City railroad employee dem Cath. from Ireland
Well G. V. Monmouth City salesman dem born Illinois
Welsan P. Monmouth City tailor rep  from Sweden
Westerfield Geo. W. Monmouth City blacksmith dem born in Illinois
Westerfield Isaac Monmouth City wagon maker rep born in Illinois
Westerfield James Monmouth City wagon maker rep Presb. from Ohio
Westine F. Monmouth City harness maker rep from Iowa
Whisler John R. Monmouth City farmer dem from Penn
Whitcomb Jno. Monmouth City farmer rep from New York
White Alfred Monmouth City drayman dem from Ky
Whitenack Wm. Monmouth City insurance agt. rep Meth from Kentucky
Whitney Moses P Monmouth City railroading rep _ from Virginia
Whitten Jno. Monmouth City clerk rep U.P. from Ireland
Wicken Thos Monmouth City farmer rep U.P. from England
Wieneker W. Monmouth City employee Weir Plow Co from Germany
Wilcott W. Monmouth City carriage maker dem  from Ohio
Wilcox Chas Monmouth City carpenter dem from N.Y.
Wilcox O.D. Monmouth City stone mason dem New York
Wilder Charles A. Monmouth City pattern-maker rep from Ohio
Wiley James A. Monmouth City student rep U.P. from Ohio
Wiley John Monmouth City carpenter rep U.P. from Kentucky
Wiley Miss Maggie L Monmouth City teacher; Monmouth; born in Ohio; came to this co. in 1869; has been engaged in teaching nine years, the past four years as Principal of the West Ward School. born in Ohio
Wiley Wm. T. Monmouth City musician rep U.P. from Ohio
Willaims Mrs. E. J. Monmouth City Chris from Ohio
Willets Elias Monmouth City Attorney; Monmouth; born in Wayne Co., Ind., Aug. 12 1826; rep; Prot; he came to this State in 1851
Willets Elias Monmouth City Attorney; Monmouth; born in Wayne co., Ind., Aug. 12, 1826; rep; Prot.; he came to this state in 1851, and to this co. in 1862; holds office of Judge of the Co. Court; married Elizabeth Fish in 1850; she was born in Baltimore, Md.; has three chilfren; lost four. rep Prot. (wife) born in Wayne Co., Ind
Williams James H. Monmouth City Boots and shoes rep  from Canada
Williams James Monmouth City cook rep Meth from District Columbia
Williams D. H. Monmouth City painter rep Meth born New York
Williams Benj. Monmouth City employed in Weir Plow Works dem born in Illinois
Williams Miss M.J. Monmouth City dressmaker Presb. from Virginia
Wilson Mrs. Jane Monmouth City widow Bapt born Ill.
Wilson James Monmouth City clerk in grocery born Ill.
Wilson George Monmouth City laborer rep  from Iowa
Wilson Prof. J.H. Monmouth City college professor rep U.P. from Indiana
Wilson James H. Monmouth City mason Ind. from Ky
Wilson Jane Monmouth City dressmaker Meth from Ohio
Wilson Robert A. Monmouth City Bookseller; Monmouth ; born in Ohio, March 14, 1850; came to this Co. in 1871, Rep; U.P.; established himself in business in 1875, and is a dealer in books, wall paper, picture frames, etc rep U.P. born in Ohio
Winbigler Miss Julia Monmouth City  U.P. from Indiana
Wise James Monmouth City expressman rep Bapt.
Wise Levi H. Monmouth City laborer rep  from Indiana
Witt H. Monmouth City laborer dem  from Tennessee
Witt Geo. R. Monmouth City butcher dem  born Illinois
Wolfe W.G. Monmouth City book-keeper rep Presb. from Pennsylvania
Wonder Jacob Monmouth City retired rep Meth from Pennsylvania
Wonder John Monmouth City merchant rep  from Penn.
Wood S. Monmouth City retired rep from Maine
Woods Geo. D. Monmouth City farmer rep from Penn.
Woods Mrs. Jane P. Monmouth City widow Presb. from Pennsylvania
Woodward Dr. N.S. Monmouth City physician dem from Pennsylvania
Worrell Milton Monmouth City machinist rep Cong. from Pennsylvania

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