Registered Voters, 1877 -XYZ Surnames

Genealogy, History / Thursday, April 30th, 2015


Yates Mrs. A. W. Monmouth City widow Bapt. from Tennessee

Yoder Chas  Monmouth City tinner rep from Penn

Young W. W. Monmouth City author dem born Illinois

Young Wm. H. Monmouth City carpenter dem from Penn

Young W.B. Monmouth City cashier Monmouth National Bank rep from Ohio

Young Warren Monmouth City harness-maker ind from New  York

Young J. P. Monmouth City huckster dem from Sweden

Young Mrs. Isabelle Monmouth City U.P. from Ohio

Young Eliza Monmouth City Chris. from Pennsylvania


Zigler A. Monmouth City hostler rep from South Carolina

Zimmerman Ed. Monmouth City laborer rep from Iowa

Zimmerman Oscar Monmouth City barber bds. At Baldwin House rep from Germany

Zoeller Peter Monmouth City brewer rep Cath. from Germany

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