This undertaking was started Memorial Day Weekend 1998 as an Eagle Scout Project for myself as a member of Troop 355. As always, the Boy Scouts assisted the American Legion with posting flags next to the grave sites of Veterans. The only problem was that over the years it had become difficult to determine which graves were those of Veterans. Markers had been pulled, stones overturned, and sometimes there wasn't any mention of time served on the headstone. So this is what was derived from that weekend. Hopefully, this guide will be handy to all those who seek a loved one who has fallen. This reference is very complete and I apologize if I have made any mistakes. Special Thanks to:

American Legion Post 136
Post Commander: John Morrison
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Post Commander: Dan Merry
Boy Scout Troop 355 (Methodist Church)
The Warren County Genealogical Society
Harold and Mary Lou Parsons, Gen. Soc.
Hoover-Hall Memorial Chapel
Memorial Park Cemetery Office
William Hoover
Monmouth Cemetery Office
Jerry Brock
Kistler Construction
Kellogg Printing
Review Atlas
David Reid Clark
Gary Youngblood
Dave Greenleif

Hopefully, through this project, all the grave sites will be marked or recognized in some manner. If you know of a grave that does not have proper recognition, please contact the local American Legion, the VFW, or the VA office at the courthouse.

Leonard Szaltis



Monmouth Public Cemetery

EL 1=East Lawn Block 1EL 2=East Lawn Block 2GL 1=Green Lawn Block 1GL 2=Green Lawn Block 2Glen=Glendale AdditionNH=North Hill AdditionOP=Old Part

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

NE=North East SectionNW=North West SectionOLG=Our Lady of GraceOP=Old Part (1-4,6)

Warren County Memorial Park Cemetery

CH=Crown HillEL=East LawnFL=Forest LawnGH=Garden of HonorHill=Hill CrestMem=Memorial LawnMG=Memory's GardenPark=Park LawnRise=Sunrise LawnRL=Ridge LawnSet=Sunset LawnWL=West Lawn

Please note: This index does not include the 8 veterans buried at Archer St. Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery). Veterans are marked on the maps with an X, this shows which lot a person is buried in, not necessarily the specific grave. If the person is buried without veteran status marked on the headstone or an equivalent marker, then an *** will appear under the Marker Section of the index.

Markers: (Mark)


Flat Bronze HeadstoneFlat Cement/Granite Headstone White Headstone with Rounded TopAL=American Legion [round circle marker]VFW=Veterans of Foreign Wars [Maltese cross]USV=US Veteran [circle]GAR=Grand Army of the Republic [Star (post 330)]VW=Vietnam War [circle and star says Vietnam War]SWV=Spanish War Veteran [Cross (similar to Red Cross shape)]1812=War of 1812 marker [VFW maltese cross with an anchor]WWII=World War 2 marker [circle with an eagle in the center]WWII=World War 2 marker [circle with red, white, and blue in middle]


FLTMWA=Metal Workers of America (union)Children of the American RevolutionDaughters of the American RevolutionImproved order of Red MenOrder of MooseOrder of the Eastern StarMasonFOE AuxillaryLadies Auxillary VFWLadies Auxillary American Legion

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