Swan Creek
From: The Past and Present of Warren Co., Il
Published: Chicago, H. F. Ket & Co., Cor. 5th Ave. and Washington St., 1877

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The settlement in this locality dates back to about 1837. A post-office has been maintained here since that date.

As soon as the railroad was completed, steps were taken to establish a depot here, but although the company would stop their trains, they would not build a switch or erect the necessary buildings until the residents had raised $1,000. This was secured mainly through the efforts of Mr. George Worden, one of the earliest residents and who had keep a store since December, 1856, in a building opposite his dwelling. It is now used as a swelling and harness shop. Mr. Worden laid out the town April 15, 1871, and soon after Rev. W. C. Romine opened a store. He is now in Roseville. B. Ragin and Aaron Burr, orened stores about this time and have steadily upheld their trade. There are now three or four good stores, the same number of shops, and a good mill and elevator.

A large amount of shipping is done from this point. Before the completion of the railroad in 1870, this was taken to Oquawka and to Prairie City, where nearly all trading at this time was done.

Now the produce is shipped to Chicago and St. Louis.


A good school has always been held here. In 1876, a large comfortalbe house was erected, which is a credit to the town. About fifty scholars are daily in attendance.


The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1872 and '3. The earliest meetings were held in the school house, a little north of the village. Those who took part in these meetings were Austin A. Cornell, Andrew J. Sisson, nancy J. Sisson, Rufus K. Sisson, Mary E. Sisson, Burwell Booth, Anna M. Phillips. These had been members of the M.E. Church at Pleasant Mound, six miles southeast of Swan Creek, except Burwell Booth who had been a member of the M.E. Church at Point Pleasant. In 1873 a church was built at a cost of $2,000. Rev. C. B. Conch served from 1872 till September, 1874. He was followed by Rev. J. W. Coe, who served till September, 1876. Their present pastor, Rev. N.T. Allen, was appointed September, 1876. Twenty-six members have been added to the church the past winter, the result of a revival under the leadership of the present pastor and the earnest efforts of the members. There are now sixty-one members and a thriving Sabbath school of eighty scholars.p>

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