Early Days of Greenbush



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James Simmons, who was a brother of Rowland Simmons, was born in 1795. Late in the fall of 1816, he moved from Green River, Warren county, Kentucky, to Madison county, Illinois. His wife and infant son (Andrew W.) came with him. They made the entire trip on horseback. He moved to Greenbush, Warren county, Illinois, in October, 1833. He first settled about one mile south of where the village is now located. He afterwards moved east of the village on land adjoining it. He was married in Kentucky to Sarah Stice.

To them were born the following-named children:

  • Rowland M., born November 7, 1819; married Diana Stice. She died in Missouri. He was a member of the militia and, in 1843, was elected first lieutenant and commissioned by Governor Ford under Captain W. B. Blankenship, who died in the service.R.M. Simmons was then elected captain to fill the vacancy. This was the 6th company, 2nd battalion, 84th regiment Illinois militia. John C. Bond was major; John Butler, colonel; V. H. Marshall, adjutant; John McMahill, first lieutenant; Levi Hedges, orderly sergeant. They mustered three times a year company battalion; officersÕ drill, twice a year. They had three places of meeting: Greenbush, Berwick, and New Lancaster. Captain SimmonsÕs company was composed of 80 substantial men. He was drillmaster at officersÕ drill. The regiment was called out for volunteers for the Mexican war. Wyatt B. Stapp, who was brigadier general went with the company as captain to the Mexican war.
  • R.M. Simmons is an elder in the Old-School Predestinarian Baptist church, and has for many years devoted a great portion of his time to preaching in different localities.
  • Andrew W., born in Kentucky, September 2, 1816; married Mary Ann Hedges, January 6, 1842. She died July 19, 1847. His second marriage was to Ascenath Brooks, March 2, 1848. She was born in Kentucky, January 7, 1825. He filled the offices of tax-collector and justice of the peace for several years in the township. He died September 12, 1887.
  • Alfred W., born November 5, 1821; married Sarah Moulton, August 26, 1847. She was born September 18, 1829, and died May 18, 1902.
  • Charles Riley, born December 24, 1825; married Martha Bair. She died December 13, 1884, at the age of 42 years.
  • William Jackson, born December 30, 1827; married Sarah Holeman. He died in Gentry county, Missouri, November 4, 1884.
  • Francis Marion, born November 10, 1823; was never married. He died at the residence of Peter Snider, his brother-in-law, in the village of Greenbush, June 24, 1891.
  • Martin V. B., born October 5, 1839; married Hester Cunningham. He died September 29, 1877. She died December 4, 1887, at the age of 42 years.
  • Nancy, born in Madison county, Illinois, February 17, 1831; married J. Woodford Ray. She died March 11, 1853.
  • Sarah A., born January 27, 1818; married William Hiet. She died March 25, 1863. He died March 23, 1895. at the age of 78 years.
  • Joanna, born October 11, 1842; married Isaac Holeman. She died August 22, 1901. He died May 20, 1901, at the age of 68 years.
  • Dianna, born August 2, 1835; married Peter Snider.
  • Arminda C., born November 14, 1837; married Benjamin F. Watt. He was born September 30, 1840, and died February 13, 1904.
  • James Simmons died August 21, 1873. His wife died April 8, 1855, at the age of 58 years. They were members of the Old School Predestinarian Baptist church. In polities Mr. Simmons was a democrat.
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