Early Days of Greenbush: William P. Jones



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William P. Jones was born in Kentucky, November 11, 1810. He was a son of Elijah and. Sarah (Hamvock) Jones, both natives of Virginia. She was born in 1777; their marriage occurred in North Carolina, in 1801.

To this union the following-named children were born:

  • Susanna, born in 1802
  • Wyley, in 1804
  • Margaret, in 1809
  • William P. in 1810
  • Jessie, in 1812
  • John, in 1814
  • Elizabeth, in 1816
  • Elijah Jones, the father of William P. Jones, died in Kentucky in 1833. His wife Sarah died in Illinois in 1857. William P. Jones was married in 1829, to Adora Strode. She was born in Kentucky, in 1810. To them were born the following-named children:
    Mary A., born April 19, 1830; married Chylon Kemp.
    Sarah A., born April 15, 1833; married William Wood.
    Cynthia A., born January 24, 1834.
    Elijah, born January 29, 1836; married Eva Shawler.
    Elizabeth, born September 8, 1838.
    Catherina, born October 12, 1841; married Newton Kemp.
    Angelina, born September 6, 1845; married John Bowman.
    William, born May 4, 1848; married Adeline Hasson.
    Peter, born November 7, 1850; married Helen Threlkeld.
    William P. Jones came to Greenbush, Illinois, in 1835. After living in Greenbush township for several years, he purchased land on section 22, in Swan township, where he resided the most of the time during his last years. He was by occupation a farmer. In religion he was a member of the Missionary Baptist church. In polities he was a lifelong democrat. He died July 9, 1888; his wife died April 27, 1877.
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