Early Days of Greenbush: Alexander willard



Alexander Willard was born in Virginia, October 26, 1795. He was a son of William and Jane (Cook) Willard. Jane Cook was born in Ireland. Alexander Willard left Virginia in his younger days and went to Overton county, Tennessee; from there he moved to the state of Missouri. His next move was to Morgan county, Illinois; from there he moved to Greenbush, Illinois, in 1837. He was married in Tennessee to Lucy Liles. She was born July 7, 1796.

To them the following-named children were born:

  • Mary, born November 24, 1814; married William Foster. She died January 16, 1893. He died September 7, 1862.
  • William, born August 11, 1816; married Jane Hodge. She was born October 17, 1818; and died October 24, 1879. He died March 5, 1901.
  • Lucinda, born August 3, 1822; married Ezekiel M. Snapp, October 19, 1839. He died October 1, 1842. Her second marriage was to Thomas Darneille, February 9, 1847. He died May 24, 1870. Lucinda died January 21, 1899.
  • Thomas Joiner, born April 10, 1824; married Mary Simmons, daughter of Rowland and Julia A. Simmons. Both died in Kansas.
  • Jane, born August 31, 1826; married Henzie Darneille, January 6, 1847. She died September 27, 1905.
  • Margaret, born March 18, 1829; married Charles S. Holeman.
  • John, born February 25, 1831; married Martha A. Summers, in July, 1850. She was born August 15, 1831. His second marriage was to Mrs. Elizabeth McClurg, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Hutton. She was born in Ohio, October 10, 1843.
  • Annis, born July 11, 1833; married Porter J. Jack. She died at Meedoc, Jasper county, Missouri, February 21, 1876. He died at Arcadia, Crawford county, Kansas, July 14, 1897.
  • Alexander, born December 17, 1837; married Emily Simmons. She was a daughter of Rowland and Julia A. Simmons, who came to Greenbush in 1830.
  • Mr. Willard, the subject of this sketch, was by occupation a farmer. In politics he was a democrat. In religion he and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal church for many years before their death. He died February 21, 1849. His wife Lucy died at the residence of her son-in-law Henzie Darneille, in Bushnell, Illinois, May 15, 1879. She was blind for many years before her death.
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