Early Days of Greenbush: William McMahill



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William McMahill was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, December 23, 1806. He was a son of John and Susan (Burnet) McMahill. He was married in Kentucky, in 1827, to Mary Snapp. He was born February 22, 1806, and was a daughter of George and Sarah (McIntyre) Snapp. William McMahill and wife came to Sangamon county, Illinois, in 1830, where they resided until 1835, when they came to Greenbush, Warren county, Illinois.

To them the following-named children were born:

  • George, born March 8, 1829; married Frances Barnum, about the year 1854. He resides at Riverside, California.
  • Susan B., born March 26, 1831; married Leonard Hall, March 25, 1852. He died July 28, 1896.
  • Sarah, born May 16, 1833; married William J. Hamilton.
  • Nancy Jane, born April 6, 1835; married Andrew J. Sisson.
  • Elizabeth, born June 2, 1837. She fell into a kettle of hot lard and was so badly burned that she died the next morning. This occurred in March, 1839. Her grave was the first one in the McMahill graveyard.
  • John, born in 1839; married Emily Hogue, at Yates City, Illinois.
  • Ann m., born in 1842; married Allen S. Phillips, January 26, 1868.
  • America, born in 1844; married Jacob M. Kepple. She died March 13, 1877.
  • William H., married Ann Morris.
  • Pinckney, married Mary Ewings. Her maiden name was Mary Hanks.
  • Mary E., died with scarlet fever when she was only four or five years old.
  • Lucinda, died in infancy.
  • William McMahill, the subject of this sketch, was by occupation a farmer and stock raiser. In politics he was a republican. In religion he was early connected with the Methodist Episcopal church and was for many years a local preacher in that denomination. His wife was also a member of the same church. Many religious meetings were held at their house in the early days. Mary, wife of William McMahill. died August 31, 1877. He died June 6, 1881.
    Early Days of Greenbush: Dr. William randall



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    Dr. William Randall was born in the town of Aurora, in Dearborn county, Indiana, May 27, 1834. He was a son of George and Rhoda (Ewbanks) Randall. His father was born in Canterbury, Kent county, England, in 1796; and emigrated to the United States, in 1819, and located in Shawneetown, Illinois. From there he moved to Dearborn county, Indiana, where, in 1826, he was married to Miss Rhoda Ewbanks. She was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1806; and died in Indiana. in 1859. He was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal church for many years. He died in 1866. To them were born the following-named children: John E., George F., William, Mary, Thomas E., Richard R., Rebecca J., and Elizabeth V. Dr. William Randall was married to Caroline Snapp, March 10, 1863. She was a daughter of Franklin G. and Adeline (Morse) Snapp. She died May 20, 1875.

    To this union the followingnamed children were born:

  • George S., born December 27, 1863; married Rose Marks.
  • Channing C., born August 5, 1865; died March 2, 1869.
  • Claud C., born January 8, 1870; died in infancy.
  • Clyde W., born October 6, 1872; married Lucy A. Dodge, September 21, 1895. She was born at Ringwood Illinois, February 2, 1877.
  • Dr. RandallŐs second marriage was to Mrs. Edwina C. Karns. Her maiden name was Edwina C. Bond. She was a daughter of Jesse W. and Sarah E. (Terry) Bond. This marriage occurred February 26, 1879. To them one child was born.
  • William B., born April 3, 1882.
  • Dr. William Randall graduated at the Jefferson Medical college, Philadelphia, at the head of his class, March 9, 1858. The same year he came to Greenbush, Warren county, Illinois, and commenced the practice of medicine. Here he built up a good practice and was very successful. He continued his practice up to the time of his death, which occurred October 23, 1888. In politics he was a democrat.
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