Early Days of Greenbush



Barnard Sloey was born in County Monaghan, Ireland, October 22, 1815. He emigrated to America in 1833. He first located temporarily in Greenbush township, Warren county, Illinois, in 1840; and again to stay, in 1844. In 1846, he was married to Miss Anna 0‘Grady of Marshall county, Illinois. They then commenced pioneer life in earnest, building a log-cabin on section 26, where they resided. At this time neighbors were ‘‘ like angels’ visits, few and far between.” John Griffen then resided where the town of Prairie City was afterwards located. Mr. Sloey says at this time wild game was plenty and wolves were fierce, dangerous, and annoying. Mrs. Sloey was born July 21, 1830; and died April 30,

1877. She was a daughter of Francis and Susan (Kenaly) 0‘Grady. When she was a child, she sat on the lap of Black Hawk, the Indian chief, he having stopped at her father’s house,probably on a begging or exploring expedition.

To Mr. Sloey and wife the followng-named children were born-their two first, not named, dying in infancy.

  • Mary, born November 28, 1848; married Peter McFarland, February 24, 1873.
  • William, born November 30, 1852; married Mary Thomas, September 12, 1877.
  • Francis, born March 30, 1854; married Julia Thomas, May 14, 1884.
  • Susan, born November 1, 1856; married Patrick H. Tanney, November 2, 1879.
  • James, born March 26, 1859; married Clara Belle Allen, June 16, 1897.
  • Thomas B., born October 6, 1861; married Mae Martin, June 17, 1891.
  • Ella, born April 19, 1864; married Osborn Randolph Ashford, September 8, 1884.
  • Anna, born March 3, 1867; married A. A. Wilson, April 23, 1889.
  • Rose, born July 15, 1869; married Wm. Henry Crater, September 18, 1890.
  • John, born January 13, 1872; first marriage to Minnie Rice, July 27, 1896; second marriage to Lola Massey. January 17, 1901.
  • On April 15, 1881, Mr. Sloey moved from Greenbush to Gove county, Kansas. After remaining there awhile, he moved to Thayer county, Nebraska, where he now resides with his son-in-law Peter McFarland, surrounded by the most of his children and grandchildren. Here he is passing his last days in peace and comfort, patiently awaiting the white-winged messenger of time to announce his departure to the realms of eternity, hoping for a joyful reunion with many dear ones who have preceded him. In religion Mr. Sloey is a Catholic; in politics he is a democrat.

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